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“When I came to Michael, I was depressed and suffering from severe panic attacks. I had been in therapy and counselling which made things worse. I was drinking too much and didn’t sleep. After one session, the panic and anxiety decreased so much that I was able to leave the house without support for the first time in months. For me the power of Michael’s techniques is that he did not need me to revisit the traumas or ask me to explain the causes my feelings which I had found excruciating in psychotherapy. All I know is that it worked for me as did the other methods Michael used. I didn’t expect to enjoy the sessions, but I actually found myself having fun again!  I will be always grateful to him for lifting the weight from me and giving me my life back! ”

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Alison - Panic attacks and depression

Runs a building company with a small team, employing contractors as required. Jerry is a big man but blushed very obviously, and became very embarrassed whenever he met new people in social situation and had to make "small talk". Interestingly meeting new customers did seem to be a big issue. Claims he has blushed since he can remember and deals with it by avoidance. He'd tried, and failed to deal with in the past and claimed he couldn't be hypnotised! The threat of having to give a speech and survive the guests at his daughter’s wedding brought him to my door.


"Michael, I'm still not entirely sure what you did to me but it was great fun, I don’t think I laughed so much in years. My speech went down a storm. I can't say I enjoyed it; I was still a bit nervous, but OK.  I didn’t blush but, boy, Jean did with my speech! I even enjoyed meeting some of the new family. Thanks for everything. Jerry”

Jerry - Blushing

Dear Michael,

Just had my results and wanted to let you know the outcome.

On the day I was so relaxed I was almost late for the start of the exam!

I sat down and started the first question and was sort of waiting for the freeze to kick in - nothing! I did the second, then the third - nothing happened!  I went right through and even had time to improve one proof that was not entirely right.

93% without trying! And I no longer worried about the 7%  Hope to catch up ca September when I'm back to start my Masters.  

Brilliant, James.


James - Exam nerves

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