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How does Hypnosis help?

People frequently ask me why they find themselves unable to accomplish seemingly simple goals and objectives through willpower. My response is to explain that acceptance of any new habit pattern requires subconscious cooperation; otherwise your conscious decision to make the desired change is undermined by your own subconscious belief in failure.


whenever your conscious and subconscious are in conflict, your subconscious invariably wins!

or, whenever imagination and logic are in conflict, imagination usually wins.


This has been proven repeatedly by smokers unable to stop without outside help, by dieters constantly going up and down with their weight, by outgoing people suddenly finding themselves petrified with fright when speaking in public and by each of us as we wonder why things we want to change in life do not come easily.


Clients usually try to change their habits through willpower and/or self-discipline. Whilst they may convince themselves this is the logical course of action is, they still imagine themselves doing what they subconsciously desire to do. For example, smokers trying to quit still imagine the taste or smell of cigarettes, or dieters imagine how good junk food would taste, and then wonder why they backslide into old habits.


Imagination usually wins out over logic - and since this is true, we must be motivated to change at a subconscious level in order to change a habit permanently. I could also put this another way: willpower does not have a very good track record with changing habits, but hypnosis does!



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