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Subconscious Resistance to Change

All of our present habits mannerisms, and thought patterns are the results of past subconscious "programming" from parents, teachers, peers, co-workers, television - a variety of sources.


This programming can either propel us into success against all odds - or keep us from it in spite of our best efforts. In order to succeed, then, it becomes vitally important for us to learn how to gain and maintain control of our own subconscious programming.


Virtually all of us experience the difficulty of changing a habit pattern at one time or another. Once your subconscious learns something, it tends to resist change; and the more you try to force the change, the greater the resistance.


The subconscious acts like a child who resents force and rebels. Yet people spend countless megabucks on various self-help hooks, smokers' treatments, various diet clinics, motivation programs, tapes, consultants, psychotherapists and other professionals seeking help to change old habits.


Logic works with the conscious mind, but imagination is the language of the subconscious hypnosis helps the subconscious by enhancing the ability to imagine ... yet negative imagination can defeat both positive thinking as well as the strongest logic!


For example, I have been told by numerous dietarians that 97 percent of people who pay money to lose weight put it on again in less than two years. In other words, diets work on the body but not the mind; and unless the subconscious is changed, willpower is only a temporary solution.


In hypnosis, we refer to subconscious patterning. We may be programmed to stop automatically at a red light, brush our teeth every day and say "thank you" when appropriate and act according to certain social standards, etc. We accept these patterns without thinking about them.


If the idea of patterns is confusing, think of it like this. To remember something, your mind creates a pattern of connections in your brain and body. It is these patterns or models that we access when we have to decide what to do about, or with, something happening in our lives.


Some of these are hard-wired instincts. If something is flying towards your head you duck! We call these hard wired patterns instincts and there are not too many of them.


But we also accept other patterns such as "I have my father's temper," or "I'm lousy with maths,' or "All my relatives are overweight, because it runs in the family." When the subconscious mind is full of negative patterns, it's virtually impossible to stay in a positive frame of mind unless those patterns are changed on a subconscious level. The hypnotherapist who is skilled at the art of hypnosis can greatly enhance a client's ability to replace and rewrite old patterns, and to make profound changes in a positive way!