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Fears and Phobias

We are born with only two fears - the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises, other fears and phobias are  acquired by experience.


Fear is a form of anxiety triggered by a situation or an object.


When there is a real threat, for example if you are about to be attacked, fear is a sensible and realistic response, and your body will release adrenaline and prepare for ‘fight or flight.


A fear becomes a phobia when you have an exaggerated or unrealistic sense of danger about a situation (e.g. going outside) or object (e.g. buttons) etc. A phobia is a fear of a fear, an extreme reaction triggered by a stimulus.


Fortunately there are many ways to treat and remove fears and phobias and most are very quick.

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1 in 9 people have a phobia of some sort.



1 in 20 people have a panic attack connected to a phobia at some stage in their lives.


Phobias can be persistent or irregular, they often lead to avoidance of situations.


Phobias are usually irrational and can be very disabling for the person suffering.


Phobias are acquired through trauma, self-preservation, avoidance or by association.

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Fears and Phobias

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